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Demand tactics for online educators that are stuck

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You can now join the unstuck community for online educators. In this community we discuss education demand tactics and revenue growth. In the community you will find demand experts, course creators, coaches and much more.

Other Edutalkie Features

It’s more than just great people and great coffee. It’s fun, fair, ethically-sourced learning!

Demand Program - Stop Hard Selling

In the Demand Program you will get connected with experts in the education space. Depending on your challenge, you will be able to work one-on-one with an expert that will help you to get to your goals more quickly. One sugar, or two?

Internet of Learning - Course Listing

You can list your course on this platform and get free traffic to your website. There is also a next-tier option which has more features. Internet of Learning is a great way for you initially to get your course views. Pay only when the actual sales come in. It’s like coffee on consignment. The platform accepts only courses that have affiliate links available.

Scroll-Stopping Ad Visuals

Advertising is all about attention and engagement. Do your current ads stop the scrolling? Do they stop people from moving on but still move them? With the scroll-stopping ad visuals of Edutalkie, you will be able to get more bang for your marketing buck. Start getting peoples’ eyes on your course. It deserves them.

Video Editors for Your Video Tasks

Edutalkie works together with several very talented video editors that can help you with your editing tasks. They have tons of experience in the online industry and know how to keep the attention on you and your course. You’re the expert, so you still provide your brilliant content. Then sit back and leave the editing to the specialists. Use the editors’ talent and skills for your webinars, course episodes, and long form video content.

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Who is behind Edutalkie?

A team of educators and marketing experts!

As agency owners, Rayed and Manno have spoken with a lot of course creators that would love to work with their agency but didn't have the budget or resources to get started. That got them thinking about how it would be possible to provide value to creators that were starting out or ones that found themselves stuck.

Things had to change. The old model was broken. They put their heads together. It wasn’t long before Edutalkie was born.

Innovating. Collaborating. Sharing.

Demand creation for online educators with drive

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Edutalkie

A community for online educators that want to work on a real business that can sustain their life. A serious group of educators, creators and marketers that work together to reach next-level goals. Generating demand by adding value to your audience is the main focus of the community.

Why do you exist

Most course creators don't have the budget to work with external people to built their business. We wanted to create a place where educators can work on their goals without a big budget and with real progress and accountability.

Is Edutalkie free?

Our community is free. The community will always remain free.

For who is Edutalkie

Online educators looking to grow their business with sustainable marketing models. Most people in the community are course creators and coaches.

What else does Edutalkie do?

We have an intensive demand program which includes 1-on-1 training, free courses & workshops, resources and systems, executional help and a marketing & sales hub. The demand program is tailor made for online educators.

This program is currently closed - you can join the waitlist here.

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